What is SMV

Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know how the Sweet Music Vibes project was born.

Back in 2015. In late March, I launched a music record label and a platform to express the musical in me. At present, the engine and main creator of Sweet Music Vibes remains Sergey Stoynov, who has been dedicated to the Piano and Music since 1990.

Participating in various musical events on stage, DJ parties, performing in front of an audience or solo, all this is the way I reached Sweet Music Vibes and I want to present to the multi-billion audience and the following new social ways my idea of how I see and feel my new music.

Thank you for sharing my passion, appreciating what I have done and sharing it with those closest to you. Each of you means the world to me and I sincerely hope it becomes mutual.

Sincerely. Sergy