20 May 2015
We are happy to announce the newest music record label in the Entertainment business. Listen our Releases to feel more deeply the vibrations of the sweet music. Enjoy the styles, the stars, the way it music
moves. Go Ahead Sweet Music Vibes!


Sweet Music Vibes is a modern Music Record Label which want to represent all kind of variety of world styles. You can found in every single tone – something special, memorable and personal for you.


Amazing Features

The Voice

We can accurately find the right singer for your next music project.


Audio Post-production is only a single part of the tuning of your track.


If you need a special Remix of your own song we will take this advantage.

Give a hand

We will guide you and support you on your music career



Every single sound will take special place in the masterpiece of harmony.


Every melody need a special words to be a part of the history.


The song is not enoght, maybe wen can create a Ringtone / TV advertising music or just intro music for your latest Startup Idea.

Social Marketing

Yes, we can push the limits of your music ideas into the social world wide web.

Why Choose Us?

1)  High Quality Sound

2)  Variety of Music Styles (from Instrumental to Rock)

3) Attention to small details


“Music is a way to express not only yourself but also the way you want to walk”Sergey Stoynov
“You can found in every single sound your own personal music style.”DJ Sergy

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